Saturday, October 27, 2012

What a thing

I can hardly wait to see my friend Oscaroo The Schnauzeroo in the UK.  I am going with Dave and Alanea on Nov. 8 and I can hardly wait.  Oscaroo is my best friend except Alanea (Dave is a dink).  Oscaroo and I met in Toronto where we lived a few houses away from each other.  He used to come to my house and I went to his house every day depending on who had more Coors Light, Dave or Uncle Brad.  Poor James was either booting Dave out or dragging Brad home.  Oscar and I just played in the living room.  More on that subject to come.  On Saturday Dave was in the kitchen cooking all day long in preparation for the big birthday bash.  OK OK Alanea made her own birthday lunch but it was not just for her, and Dave would have screwed it up.  Auntie Karin and Uncle Rick were here too.  They are our big friends from Toronto that own a house a few KMs away from us on the coast.  Everyone had a good time as the photo shows.  I have posted a photo of me facing the wall today.  That's what happens when I don't get my dinner when I want it, I pout in the corner so there.  Dave has no sense of humor, just because I got him up at 05:30 for breakfast does not mean he should make me wait until 17:00 for dinner, I love me dini.  I will try to find a picture of Oscaroo.  It sure rained here yesterday.  I found Oscar's photo.  I added Cargo The Border Collie because he is special.  I love you Oscar, see you soon.  Cargo is a funny boy, he lives with my Auntie Sharon in Toronto (a special girl).
Cargo sent me a new picture after seeing himself on the blog.  He is running in the ravine where I used to run in Toronto.  One day when I was a puppy I scared Dave by running into the woods and when he found me I was sitting in a police car because 2 girls found me.  I was only missing for 10 minutes but Dave was mad about that and would not let me run anymore.  That was a bad day for me.  Dave did not tell ALanea that story for 8 years. 

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  1. Holy cow Tifferoo, I am surprised that you would tell that scary story on your blog. When Alanea reads it she will tell you to be careful. In France you might end up in the Gendarmerie.