Friday, January 24, 2014

Announcing the arrival of my new friend Chester

There he is Chester the newest little boy in Guildford, UK, my big secret news.  He is hiding under a book shelf / catch all shelf area at the bottom of the main staircase.  I know where he is, I was there once.  Uncle James always has nice shoes.  Soon he will know the whole house and likely sit half way up those stairs.  Uncle Brad and James sure are lucky to have a nice little boy like that to come home to now.  James has a new job and does not have to go away on long flights anymore.  Uncle Brad has had a little scare that might make him reconsider long hours and take a little time off when he can.  Uncle Brad needs to take a later train to work or an earlier one home.  I have been very patiently waiting to share my news about Chester and Dave is proud of me.  Dave says Alanea will want more pictures but for now I am waiting for Alanea to come home from 4 days in Greece.  Dave is going to make another pizza tonight but I get nothing because my belly ain't what it used to be.  A bientot.  Tiff

Monday, January 20, 2014

Finally the sun is shining

Lots of thing happening around here.  Alanea finally put her olives into jars, I helped her but she does not appreciate me helping.  Dave does nothing but eat olives and work on administrative s..t.  I am not allowed to say s..t out loud.  It has rained a lot since the new year however it is bright and sunny today.  Uncle Brad is full of surprises and he makes Dave and Alanea crazy sometimes but more on that later.  George and Birgit are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their 1st grandchildren (twin boys) and Alex & Tatiana are just as nice as ever.  Aunt Francoise and Uncle Heinz left and are now home in snowy Switzerland.  We may be going to Milan in February so there will be lots to report after that excursion, Dave wants new cycling shorts and Italy is the place to buy them for his skinny ass.  Dave and Alanea joined a new fitness club in the village.  Alanea is getting fit Dave is a slug, pain in the ass.  He cut back my breakfast because I am getting fat, 3 kgs.  My power to weight ratio is better than Dave's.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy New Year to Everybody

I still cannot tell my secret but any day now there could be big news from my Uncle Brad and Uncle James, OH OH I am not supposed to say anything.  I just thought that I would tell you that Dave survived the Assembly Generale meeting of the cycling club.  The Mayor of Roquebrune was there and Dave got his photo taken with him and Simone the President of the club.  Poor Mr. Jousse everyone thinks he is a crook but Dave thinks that he is just misunderstood.  I put a photo on this blog of my favourite Christmas Tree ornament.  More to c

ome including Mimosa photos, they will be early this year.