Tuesday, April 16, 2013

In Spring a young dog's fancy turns to Tarte au Pomme, walking outside and peeing on Alanea's flowers

I am really liking this spring outside stuff, too bad Gorge is in Denmark shoveling snow and Alanea is in Toronto dodging ice pellets.  I am going for a toilettage today, what a pain in the ass, if the girl was not so pretty I would protest.  Dave said he would go for me but the thought of those sharp scissors so close to his tail put him off.  Here are a few spring photos and Dave's birthday lunch, I love tarte.  Alanea's Jasmine almost died last year but it now looks about to take over the world.  The Acebia over the arbour is going crazy and everything is alive and well.  Alex just returned from Italy and Pierre might show up today.  I really miss Alanea, she is in Toronto with Sharon and Cargo the Border Collie.  Alanea cleans my eyes and talks to me every day, I am her business partner.  If Cargo was here he could chase those stupid looking sheep.  The fattest ones are near St. Tropez, figures.  Maybe

Francoise and Heinz will come and give me a treat soon.  Anne is back from England.  I have to get ready for my grooming a bientot. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring is coming it really is!!

Despite all of the cold, rainy and miserable weather spring is definitely on the way and we are anxiously waiting for the first sunny warm day.  The evidence is subtle but unmistakable.  A few example are:
Alanea started sneezing again (pollen).
The Jasmine is growing like crazy.
I puked in the garden.
George (official Coors Light supplier to Dave), Birgit, Maiken, Jens and the lovely Iben (from Aarhus, Denmark) were here and brought Easter beer.  See photo.
People from other countries and northern France (which is sort of another country) are showing up at Dave's cycling club.
Lots of mobile homes maneuvering into position and making large, wide convoys on the roads.
Alanea is anxious to get into the garden and her Camellias are about to bloom.
The Spar grocery store has opened for the season.
Karin make a wonderful lunch as always.

I will add to the list or just add pictures of Alanea's flowers as they bloom, chin up everyone.  This may have been the coldest winter on record here and Anne told Dave that it was the coldest Easter on record in the UK but we have endured.

Alanea is working on a Coursera course and Dave is waiting for his to start.