Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Finally an update

Sorry from such a long delay in updating the blog.  Dave is such a negligent dork.  The camera program is giving Dave a bad time so he got pissed and decided to bother Alanea, instead of doing blog updates.  After several slaps on the head he went back to blogging.  Bon Blog.

Here are a few recent photos to kick start.  September is my favorite month.  

So who can tell us the name of the statue.  HINT:  Alanea went to Scotland last week.

Dave photoed the backside of the Roquebrune rock.

AND that is me on the beach this morning Sept 25 2013.  Oscar is coming soon and I am checking out the beach for my friend's visit.

Tout Alors   

Thursday, September 5, 2013

September means a boat ride to Cannes

I went on a boat with Alanea and Dave.  Dave is not as sweet as Alanea but he carries me when the going gets tough for Dave.  We went to Cannes from Les Issambres on the boat.  It was an excursion that included a few hours in Cannes and then headed off to Isle St. Marguerite, an island with a "Masked" history.  Some guy lived there with an Iron Mask on his face and they made a movie about the guy.  It was not George Clooney but Alanea was still interested.  I really liked the boat ride and the restaurant in Cannes was good too.  The sea spray tastes very salty to me and Dave gave me a big bath, which I did not like, when we got home.  Alanea was happy because she has been wanting to go to the island for a long time.  She told me about it before we left so I knew what to look for.  Dave checked a few bars for Coors Light but no luck.  Dave needs more culture and less tondeusse

.  Tomorrow is my big friend George's birthday.  Happy Birthday George from Denmark.  Sharon knows George.  George is my friend he has a nice wife Birgit.