Sunday, July 29, 2012

A blog with no photos day without beer

So Nikon has responded to my enquiry with a 110 euro invoice.  I called customer service but they are in Ireland.  Spoke to a great guy but he was not successful in convincing Nikon repair to drop the 30 euros delivery charge assuming that I opt for repair.  I can buy a new camera for 50 euros with a 1 year warantee WTF.  The guy in Ireland said that I should have a native French person call on my behalf as the repair folks may respond more positively to a French person, welcome to France.  I took an alternate route and contacted the Canadian office they asked me to send an email describing my experience to their customer service area.  I did this and have received a survey.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Camera to Nikon

Wouldn't you know it, the camera crapped out just over 2 years from the date of purchase.  It had a 1 year warantee.  The online return facility provided by Nikon is great but the Postal system like so many other little things give Dave a good laugh.  After packaging the camera in the original box and wrapping it in brown paper Dave went to the post office with all of the paper work.  The post office rejected the package and said that it should not be wrapped but sent just in the original box.  Dave took it out of the wrapping but the post office rejected the way Dave had taped the box closed.  Like so many other times the Mairie in Roquebrune S/A helped Dave by providing packing tape.  This time the post office could not have been more helpful.  So typically French, ya gotta love these people.  Not a free thinker in the bunch.  Give them a straight forward typical problem and they are absolute professionals, give them a challenge or something that requires thought or a deviation from the norm and they cannot deal with creativity.  Think I am wrong EH ask about the golf course fiasco this morning.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Notice to followers

I must apologize for the lack of posts.  The camera (2 years old and out of warantee) will not work, the shutter button is not working, so much for Nikon quality.  He will get another camera soon.  I am hot and lazy.  It will not rain, it is Toronto humide (weird for southern France), and relentlessly 32 degrees in the shade.  My favorite place is the clik clak couch in the office under the window and Alanea makes sure that the shutters are closed and the window open for a breeze for me.  It is getting busy here with more tourists on the roads and beaches.  Alanea just got back from her 20th trip (without me) to Moscow.  I am not very happy when she goes but she always comes back.  I will try to find a nice photo in the archives.  That is a bicycle made from profiteroles.  Dave hanging out.