Monday, April 30, 2012

Alanea's 33d Anniversay to old Dave

Who'da thunk it? 33 years married to Dave, Alanea is very strong to put up with Dave. When Dave takes me walking he is nice but when he gives me a big bath he is a pain. I don't like having a bath. Alanea is my very best friend but they played golf on their anniversary so I stayed home. We have made some very nice friends in France. Alanea has become the best gardener in the south of France and Dave is riding his bike strongly again at the back of the pack. The garden is my favorite place so I have posted a before and now photo, todays photo is nice because it is raining and Alanea is home with me. I did not take anniversary photos but I did post a pic of Dave with his bike and one of Alanea on a boat to St. Tropez. I will post more pics when the sun comes out because when it does everything including George's grass is going to grow like crazy.  Sorry I am having trouble with uploading pictures.  Stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dave's big Velo race

I was very upset on Sunday because Alanea was in Paris and Dave went to St. Tropez to do a bike race. Anne came over and let me out before returning to the UK for a few days but I was home alone for most of the day which is a bad thing for me. Dave said he was sorry and gave me 2 cookies so I wrote the following for Dave.

Mes Amis that was the most difficult race that Dave has ever done. Dave took the camera never took it out of his pocket. OK so he has had had a few bumps and set backs in the past few years but holy moly, he has a new lease on life, a new bike, good friends, a nice wife that likes us (I think, occassionally) and me Tiff.

136 km of nothing but Cols (darn big hills), 4 doozies on the map plus other significant climbs. Dave's friend was correct when she told him that the 12 X 25, 39X 52 may present challenges, it did but it is still OK. It took Dave 6 hours to do 136 km, that does not make him happy but it puts him back in the race and puts him in the Silver, not Gold, by 23 minutes category.

The start was so fast that he just sat there watching them go, he thought that they would roll out for at least 5 km and organize but no such luck. He was sure that they would blow up and he would pass dozens on the hills when they were exhausted but I did not pass very many at all and by the time that I got to Collobrieres (75 km) he was simply riding my own ride albeit with other equally challenged, but colourful dudes. Damn it we look good don't we (he wore BCC shorts).

Side Note: It is astounding how Dave rides through a small villages and realizes that we have been there in the past. You just do not get the same perspective or appreciation or memories in a car and the view of the Med from 600 metres is breathtaking, good for romance not for Velo.

Do these guys not feel pain or what. If there are drugs involved Dave wants some, LOL. On the 10 km climb up Notre Dame des Anges (680 mtrs) He actually got off of my bike to allow my muscles to catch up to my brain, which is challenged at the best of times. The only other time that Dave got off my bike on a climb was Ventoux and he was in shape then and a few years younger, excuses excuses (for those who missed it Dave was 62 on Monday the 9th). There was some emotional relief when a few others dismounted for a few minutes.

Note: the race web site claims that the course has 2100 metres of climbing.

Overall it was very well organized, safe, well marked for directions etc. The post race meal was extraordinary, paella, bagette of course etc etc. The awards looked great but as he was out of the money he picked up my toys, hiked his sorry ass back on the bike, after eating, rode to the car 2 km at Casino (a big grocery store) and got home just in time for Happy Hour.

Would he do it again, YES but not without more hill training and less Rose. He is seriously considering advertising for a "Time Machine" on Anglo - Info as the old bugger learned a thing or 2 today.

The race organizer is

A Bientot

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dave's birthday post

Dave's birthday was yesterday. Alanea and I invited some friends and we had a great time. Georg brought Dave 24 Coors Light from Denmark and no one drank it but Dave. It was an international party. Alex and Tatiana our Russian neighbours, John and Manuela from Switzerland, Karin and Rick from Toronto, Georg, Birgit and Ebin from Denmark, Anne from the UK and Sharon our good friend from Toronto were all here. They ate some good food and I got some cheese. They had some wine. Jane called from Woodstock Ontario where she was visiting Dave's mom and Dave spoke to his mom on the phone. It was a good day and Dave stayed up too late but did not drink too much, he is riding this weekend in a big ride in St. Tropez and wants to be in good shape. He did not go to bed until 02:00 this morning because there were so many dishes to do. Here are some nice pics.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter in Les Rives

I like holidays because people come from everywhere to see me, Alanea makes fancy stuff and I get lots to eat. This Easter is especially fun because my Auntie Sharon is here from Toronto (Cargo, her beautiful Border Collie, could not come but some day he might). After they got over the serious toasts to an absent friend (with my favorite Champagne) the week began. George, Birgit, Jens and Maiken are here from Denmark (I have not seen Eben but I sure hope she came with George). It takes George over 20 hours to drive here just to see me and he brings Dave Coors Light at great personal expense. John and Manuela from Switzerland got here in the small hours of the morning so I have not seen them. Manuela is very sweet, John is fun but a serious VTTer (even if he does get lost is the hills). James came from the UK to see Anne, his mother. He will water the garden and argue with Anne about what to eat at lunch, very British and funny. Alex, Tatiana and Stephan our Russian neighbours are wonderful. Alex is a funny guy, Stephan is a serious boy and very nice but Tatiana is my favorite because she is a girl, I am a ladies man after all. Alanea is happy because she finally finished the garden while Dave sat on his ass and drank Perrier LOL. Dave went to a cycling club Printemps Grillade (spring barbeque) and took a picture of a special cake made in the shape of a bicycle. I will post more as the week goes on but I hear people getting up out of bed so I must go and get ready for another exciting day on the Cote d'Azur. I am going to Rick and Karen's place today for lunch (she makes the best food ever), they have a house on the coast toward Cannes. See ya, Happy Easter.