Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dave's birthday post

Dave's birthday was yesterday. Alanea and I invited some friends and we had a great time. Georg brought Dave 24 Coors Light from Denmark and no one drank it but Dave. It was an international party. Alex and Tatiana our Russian neighbours, John and Manuela from Switzerland, Karin and Rick from Toronto, Georg, Birgit and Ebin from Denmark, Anne from the UK and Sharon our good friend from Toronto were all here. They ate some good food and I got some cheese. They had some wine. Jane called from Woodstock Ontario where she was visiting Dave's mom and Dave spoke to his mom on the phone. It was a good day and Dave stayed up too late but did not drink too much, he is riding this weekend in a big ride in St. Tropez and wants to be in good shape. He did not go to bed until 02:00 this morning because there were so many dishes to do. Here are some nice pics.

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