Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter in Les Rives

I like holidays because people come from everywhere to see me, Alanea makes fancy stuff and I get lots to eat. This Easter is especially fun because my Auntie Sharon is here from Toronto (Cargo, her beautiful Border Collie, could not come but some day he might). After they got over the serious toasts to an absent friend (with my favorite Champagne) the week began. George, Birgit, Jens and Maiken are here from Denmark (I have not seen Eben but I sure hope she came with George). It takes George over 20 hours to drive here just to see me and he brings Dave Coors Light at great personal expense. John and Manuela from Switzerland got here in the small hours of the morning so I have not seen them. Manuela is very sweet, John is fun but a serious VTTer (even if he does get lost is the hills). James came from the UK to see Anne, his mother. He will water the garden and argue with Anne about what to eat at lunch, very British and funny. Alex, Tatiana and Stephan our Russian neighbours are wonderful. Alex is a funny guy, Stephan is a serious boy and very nice but Tatiana is my favorite because she is a girl, I am a ladies man after all. Alanea is happy because she finally finished the garden while Dave sat on his ass and drank Perrier LOL. Dave went to a cycling club Printemps Grillade (spring barbeque) and took a picture of a special cake made in the shape of a bicycle. I will post more as the week goes on but I hear people getting up out of bed so I must go and get ready for another exciting day on the Cote d'Azur. I am going to Rick and Karen's place today for lunch (she makes the best food ever), they have a house on the coast toward Cannes. See ya, Happy Easter.

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