Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pizza in France

For those who may have wondered whether Dave still makes the best Pizza in the whole world here is proof that while some things change others just get better. Our big pizza stone is with close friends but the little one works just fine. The dough is so good that Dave cannot duplicate it yet. He buys it at La Napole in Saint Aygulf. Everything other than the dough is Dave's own creation (well he bought tomato paste). Olives, roasted peppers (I love red peppers so much), lots of garlic, small tomatoes, corgettes, mozzarella on half and feta on the other half. There is a big bottle of Italian wine behind the pizza that did not last long once Dave got the pizza in the oven. Today Alanea is cooking a chicken marbaya (spelling). I am sleeping because it is raining for the 1st time in many weeks. I had to poop in the rain, then I walked on the clean floor with muddy feet. Monday I go to the groomers and will post a nice picture of my new look.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


I have always been a good walker but Dave and Alanea took me hiking a few days ago. We went away up into the hills behind Roquebrune Sur Argens and Alanea took my picture with Dave. Dave took a sunset picture later that I hope you like. We are into our 2nd calendar year in France. A few days ago the wind blew in some great weather. Dave went cycling this morning in shorts but a warm top.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Road trip to Bologna

Alanea and Dave took me to Bologna, Italy on a 5 day road trip. We drove directly to Bologna (about 500km) and stayed 3 nights. Jeff, Cindy and Tyler, from Toronto, were visiting Cindy's brother and sister in law in Rome and so we met them all in Bologna which was very nice. We all stayed in a great hotel 5 minutes walking (which I love to do) from the centre and the statue of Neptune, God of the Sea. Bologna feels good, lots of good food, wine (according to Alanea), restaurants. Bologna has the oldest degree granting university in Europe which is interesting to Alanea but me and Dave just ate gelato. We were bundled up good because it was cold. Our hotel had a great roof top terrasse where Jeff and Dave had their photo taken with me. We left Bologna and traveled south toward the coast rather than go the short distance further to Florence or the even shorter distance to Parma (think ham) or Modena (think balsamic vinegar). We drove the coast road to Santa Margerita and Allassio (we saw lots of hot looking Italian cyclists on the windy road) which is are nice towns to stop for the night. There are earlier pics on the blog of Allassio however here is one of Alanea drinking expresso on the pier in the sunshine and me of course. Alanea says out next rip is west toward Basque country, stay tuned.