Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunset from the bedroom window April 2011

The sky and the stars are quite amazing here.

New terrasse with plantings

Alanea is working hard on the new garden, Dave is a slug.

Dave's 61st birthday lunch

Alanea took Dave to Les Pignatelles for lunch, tres gastronomique. It is a very nice place (see pic) just outside of La Motte (20 km from home). I am sitting on a big flower pot that is on its side. Dave is doing good for an old bugger. Alanea and Dave had the 18 Euros menu which was a 2 nice big salads, a light cod done in a very elegant and parchment thin crust, desert was included which made me happy, tarte au pomme with whipped cream. I did not get any Rose but Alanea said it was good. Car riding through the French country side is fun when I don't have to ride in my crate. Alanea holds me and I look out of the window.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Further pictures of trip to St Remy

Dave wanted to post more pics. We posted Cloisters at the asylum, gardens where Van Gogh painted, Starry Night and Van Gogh holding flowers. Colour and life were Van Gogh's passion.

Road trip to Maussane les Alpilles and Saint Remy

We stayed in a little hotel where Dave ate beef 2 days in a row, there was Pintade on the menu but Dave could not be convinced that it was not Pigeon. The restaurant owner translated Pintade to Guinea Fowl. We also went to the Olive Oil place and bought the oil that we bought on one our 1st trips to France. It is a very flavourful oil and worth the trip. The only problem is that Alanea won't let dave touch it, probably a good thing. We went to St. Remy where Alanea bought a very nice table cloth and Dave drank a beer. We went to the museum which was was an asylum (hospital) for mentally disturbed people. The asylum is famous because Vincent Van Gogh the Dutch painter stayed there for a while in 1889. Vincent died shortly after his release but left us with many extraordinary paintings. I have posted Starry Night. Les Baux diappointed however Alanea has fond memories of the ancient pirtched village during low tourist season.