Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Working and reading stuff

Sometimes Dave and I just sit on the couch and read.  Today we were looking at some information the Uncle Jeff sent from China about the Russian currency markets, what's left of it.  Uncle Alex is feeling the pinch because his business is in St Peterburg.  I will hear all about it tomorrow when Dave, Alanea and I go to their house for cocktails and cookies.  It is close to Christmas time and the weather is bleak but not cold, maybe 14 degrees during the day but very humid.  I am eating everything that I can get because it is cool.  In the summer I eat less but Dave says I am part Labrabor Retriever, the belly part.  Alanea is working hard.  I posted a photo of Uncles' Brad and James and Chester's new kitchen.  I might go there and get something to eat.  Dave is reading 50 Shades of Grey, he said that the only thing missing is the Border Collie, inside joke.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Me at the vet

I went to the vet again and she said that I am OK, Dave has to hold me tight when she takes a litre of blood out me.  Alanea thinks that I need to go to the vet to check my kidney function but I am doing good.  I pee like a moose and eat like a Labrador Retriever, no flies on me.  Dave and Alanea are thinking about a trip to Italy just for supplies, you know what that means Italian wine.  It is December and the vines are dormant but there are Christmas markets and creches popping up everywhere.  I will post a few more times before Christmas to make sure everyone knows whats up.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas appoaching

Dave and Alanea went to a Fete de Noel today but I stayed home because Alanea said it was too busy there.  I know that she really just wanted to go to the only restaurant in the area that does not welcome dogs.  It serves her right that they were full and she did not reserve a table ha ha.  We are doing our best to stay busy at a boring, rainy time of the year.  Today it is sunny and 12 degrees.

 We make pizzas, and go for walks when the sun shines.  Dave gets busy planting bushes and Alanea does intellectual stuff.  Me, I supervise.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Alanea takes care of me.

I got my new stash of food today and I was very impressed.  Alanea orders on line and the goodies
come right to my door.  Alanea and I are very good friends.  I am so happy, new cookies and food.  Dave does not care, he's a dork.  Pain in the ass.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

My friends

It is not always easy to post on my blog because Dave and Alanea keep me very busy.  I watch everything.  I thought that I should post some pictures of my friends Chester and Cargo.  Dave will take some pictures and I will post them next week.  It is fall in the Var, cloud and sun 10 to 15 degrees but damp cold.  Not like Toronto cold but the kind of cold that goes right through to your bones.  Christmas is coming and my auntie Jane's birthday is November 29.  Dave bought new shoes or around the house stuff because his other shoes are for the gym.  Chester is at his house and doing very well.  He is a swimmer with a special life jacket now.  Cargo just likes to chase a frisbee in the ravine in Toronto.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dave in England

Wow Dave went to England for a few days and did a bunch of things.  I cannot easily go to England because for various silly reasons but that's OK for now.  Dave saw the poppy exhibit at the Tower of London, he met Chester the baby Schnauzer, he walked around Guildford and London, drank Coors Light beer and best of all he spent time with Brad and James my friends and Oscar's family.  Dave said the new house is great and that Chester has taken over completely.  When I meet Chester I have some very funny stories to tell him.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Alanea's birthday

Today is Alanea's birthday October 23.  I got up early to eat my breakfast with Old Dave and then I got a nice present ready for Alanea.  The present is a ceramic Seahorse or as the say in France a Hippocampe. I sometime go with Dave and Alanea to The Hippocampe restaurant on the port at Frejus for lunch and that's where Alanea got the idea.  Dave found the Seahorse, which he named Trigger, at a big pottery place close to my house (Alanea with rename him).  I have attached a Seahorse selfie.  Auntie Sharon was here for 1 week and I took them for a nice walk on my beach.  My good friend Anne got a beautiful flower for Alanea.  Now I am resting because Dave will take me and Alanea for lunch to a nice restaurant later.  Uncle Georg sent a very nice birthday email to Alanea from Denmark today.  Uncle Alex, Auntie Tatiana and Stephan have invited us for dinner tomorrow night.  I am quite busy these days.  Please comment if you want to see something special on my BLOG and Jerry what's wrong with the Toronto Maple Leafs?