Wednesday, January 28, 2015

San Remo for me

Dave and Alanea took me to San Remo in Italy on Friday until Saturday.  It was very nice and we ate a lot of food.  San Remo is an easy drive Dave says.  The total round trip was only about 250 kms.  I like going because I get to walk everywhere and I went to the home of the Nobel prize guy, that's me and Dave at the house.  That was interesting.  We saw a big Russian church, there is a lot of Russian influence in San Remo.  There was a big bike race going on so Dave was quite interested but worried about the speed of the racers with dogs and kids running around.  I was on my leash eating gelato with Alanea. On the way home we stopped in Bordeghera just before entering France.  We ate lunch and bought some big jugs of wine.  Spring must be coming soon but it is cool outside.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mid January laziness

As January drags on my walking outside is later in the day when it gets warmer.  It is funny weather here because some days it is 15 degrees in the morning and other days it is minus 4.  The sun is getting warmer and it will soon be February.  Every year is different.  I like February because it means new life here is the south of France.  Things start to grow but not me, Alanea says I am fatter.  Alanea took a few photos today when we were out walking.  Dave is back to his normal dorky self whatever that means and Alanea is busy blogging stuff on Linkedin.  It is nice here but humid, I let my hair grow like Ringo when it is colder.  Dave and Alanea's fitness club is having it 1st anniversary today and Dave might go check out the cup cakes LOL, if Alanea goes I will go too.  Alanea went to the live simulcast of the Opera last night with a nice lady named Jehan.  Dave introduced them, she is a neighbour and a Chemical Engineer.  The Opera was called The Merry Widow but Dave said The Hairy Widow and Alanea gave him heck.  That Dave will never learn to shut the heck up.  If you want to know something let me know.  I wish Uncle George would come here.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year 2015

We stayed home for New Years eve but our neighbours Auntie Francoise and Uncle Heinz invited me (and Dave & Alanea too) for dinner on Tuesday before New Years eve, they live in Switerland but have a nice house next to me.  We went for a nice walk to the vineyard Domaine des Planes and were surprised that Mimosa flowers were blooming on the trees.  We walked on the beach one day and watched the surfers so it has been pretty good.  I like walking but I think that I am having some trouble hearing as good as when I was younger.  Dave carries me when I get tired but most of the time I walk.  Uncle Brad is coming to visit on April 3 for 2 days.  Alanea bought a Gallette du Roi.  It is a round cake with a prize inside.  Uncle Heinz got the prize.  Today is January 3 2015.  I am looking forward to having a wonderful year.


Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

This my 13th Christmas with Alanea & Dave.  I am very happy with everything  Here are some nice photos.

The weather has been very good, cool but sunny for the past few days.  I have to wear my hoodie jacket that Alanea bought for me.  Dave takes me everywhere and we get an early start every morning.

January 1st will soon be here.  I hope that the weather stays sunny because Dave said it can only get warmer.  The Mimosas will soon be blooming and that is another photo / blog post for sure.  This year they flowers on the trees should be brilliant / brilliant.

Alanea just received the NCIS New Orleans ornament today in the mail from her sister in Toronto.  She went there on vacation 2 weeks ago.  Holy Creole Christmas.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Why I like to go to Italy

Dave & Alanea took me to Italy again.  This time we only went to Italy overnight and stayed in the same hotel in Ventigmilia.  Ventigmilia is only a few kms beyond the border with France but it is quite different.  Every Friday there is a big outside market where you can buy lots of clothing and fancy stuff.  The inside market has very good and colourful food and I saw a swordfishes head with a very long nose.  The best part is going to the restaurant with Dave & Alanea especially this time because we sat in the warm sun on the patio on the sea.  Dave took a few photos and there is even one of me sleeping at home.  It is exhausting to have to keep Alanea and Dave entertained.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Working and reading stuff

Sometimes Dave and I just sit on the couch and read.  Today we were looking at some information the Uncle Jeff sent from China about the Russian currency markets, what's left of it.  Uncle Alex is feeling the pinch because his business is in St Peterburg.  I will hear all about it tomorrow when Dave, Alanea and I go to their house for cocktails and cookies.  It is close to Christmas time and the weather is bleak but not cold, maybe 14 degrees during the day but very humid.  I am eating everything that I can get because it is cool.  In the summer I eat less but Dave says I am part Labrabor Retriever, the belly part.  Alanea is working hard.  I posted a photo of Uncles' Brad and James and Chester's new kitchen.  I might go there and get something to eat.  Dave is reading 50 Shades of Grey, he said that the only thing missing is the Border Collie, inside joke.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Me at the vet

I went to the vet again and she said that I am OK, Dave has to hold me tight when she takes a litre of blood out me.  Alanea thinks that I need to go to the vet to check my kidney function but I am doing good.  I pee like a moose and eat like a Labrador Retriever, no flies on me.  Dave and Alanea are thinking about a trip to Italy just for supplies, you know what that means Italian wine.  It is December and the vines are dormant but there are Christmas markets and creches popping up everywhere.  I will post a few more times before Christmas to make sure everyone knows whats up.