Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It is officially summer

I am quite busy right now because most of our absentee neighbours are here on vacation, the garden requires lots of surveillance because there are cats that look through the fence, I must take Alanea for a walk on the beach in the early morning, Alanea goes to Russia and Greece, Dave is busy with gardening, cycling and golf, vigilance is required to ensure that the cookie jar is never empty and that I never miss an opportunity plus I have this Blog to update.  I am truly The Yorkshire Journalist.  I am always looking for unique opportunities to post on my Blog and after next week when I go to Italy, Lake Como, there will be many new things to post.  For now I thought that I would show you a truly remarkable achievement.  Alanea put this ball in the tree when hitting her 3d shot on the 16th hole yesterday.  I can't go to the golf course so Dave told me about Alanea's shot  Try
it sometime, it ain't easy.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer time summer time sum sum summer time

My favorite place is the beach at St. Aygulf, we go early to avoid crowds and traffic.   Alanea says that I run like a horse.  It is so much fun to go like a free boy especially knowing that Dave will save me if I get into trouble.  I never go near the salty water though.  It is a very big beach and we walk for an hour.  Alanea knows when I am thirsty and tired.  I don't like leaving so I just sit when Dave says we have to go home.  Dave found a shovel and brought it home.  I wish Oscar, Cargo, Ivor and his new little sister were here to run with me. Alanea's acebea has grown right over the top of the arbour.