Saturday, March 19, 2011

Road trip and wine tasting

We drove along the sea today and stopped for wine tasting and lunch around St. Tropez. The restaurant was very nice called Le Pescadou in Gassin. Despite the fact that they forgot about our order, overcooked Alanea's steak and brought Nan the wrong dish (all remedied in short order) it was quite good. The view is the reason people visit Gassin as it is perched on a hill at about 400 metres and overlooks the sea around St. Tropez. There are 4 restaurants with a great view and a little hotel called Bello Visto that would make a great end of day or lunch cycling destination. Nan is visiting from Paris and took a lot of pictures with her fancy camera.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mimosas reflected in the lake that I walk around

Alanea takes me around the lake. This is where the French national water skiing team practices. I like it because I run free here.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Forgot Alanea's flower photo

In the Ventimiglia market there are lots of flowers and clothing and cloth. I like it.

Road trip to Ventimiglia, Italia

We drove to Ventimiglia which is just across the border from France beside Menton. It is an overlooked town on the Italian Riviera because it is usually on the way to somewhere for anyone traveling from Italy or France by rail or car. San Remo which is a little further is very nice too and often the perferred destination of people traveling from Provence or the Var. San Remo has a great market as well but no better for the time spent getting there. Once you have spent some time in Ventimiglia and witness 1st hand the hospitality, the progress being made on the new port, (across from the hotel Sea Gull where we stayed for 2 nights) the great Friday market and the sea side restaurants (look close beside Alanea's chair at the restaurant and you will see me) you will agree that Ventimiglia is a great place to visit. I have posted a few pictures for the gentle reader (thanks Abby) to enjoy. If you are traveling through Ventimiglia it is worth a stop over.

Tiffer le vigneron

In the early spring they cut the vines back and leave them for little dogs to sniff. This is Syrah I think. Dave & Alanea take me walking up the hill through the vines and then home for dinner.