Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dave is home from England

Dave went to England to visit Oscar and I could not go because I cannot go on a plane into the UK.  I hid the camera so he did not take any pictures.  All he did was drink beer with Uncles Brad & James (mostly Brad).  James always going somewhere because he is a BA flight guy with lots of responsibility.  Alanea and our neighbour Gerrard (he is an Olive farmer) trimmed the Olive tree while Dave was gone, here are some pictures of that horticultural extravaganza.  Now that Dave is back I am going to pester him until he takes me out. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring may actually be here

While we really should not complain 0 degrees in the morning for weeks and rain that will not quit gets you down even in the South of France, especially here because it not supposed to happen.  Enough of that the sun is shining now, it is warm and Dave is going to visit Oscar in Guildford UK tomorrow.  Yup Dave is going to visit with Brad, James and Oscar for a week and I am staying home with Alanea.  Dave joined a gym in Roquebrune Sur Argens and call it the Fitness Institute, right.  With spring on the way we expecting neighbours to start coming.  George and Birgit will come from Denmark, Francoise and Heinz will come from Switzerland and Anne will come from England with her new iPad.  Anne is on vacation in South Africa.  Dave said he will bring back pictures from England unless Alanea wants to have the camera.  The picture is me walking on the beach in Frejus.