Sunday, December 29, 2013

News from the front

I heard some very interesting and happy news a few days ago but I am not allowed to say anything for a few weeks.  Dave and Alanea are superstitious.  I however am on direct drive, full alert and cannot wait to spill the kibble.  I have no fear but then as Dave reminds me I have Alanea to protect me.  Stay tuned very very good news on the way.  2014 will be such a good year.  As Ashley Brilliant says: "Appreciate me now and avoid the rush".  What would a blog post be without a photo.  Here's Dave's latest pizza creation.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Dave's back

Dave has returned from his trip to Canada and none too soon.  Alanea bathed me twice, took me to the groomer and switched me to seniors food just like Dave.  She calls me a "pain in the ass" and then gives me a kiss no wonder I am confused.
So Dave went to Canada, yup he did and what happened?
Not much except Auntie Jane, Tracy, Dale and Sara moved 2 days after he arrived.  It was not toooooo disruptive except for the 6 stitches Jane got on the morning of her 45th birthday.  Dave hates it when something happens to his Jane, he still thinks of her as a new born baby sleeping peacefully on his chest.  Rule 5 Dave. The family reunion was fun, Dave's mother looks good and still enjoys a life saving Coors Light.  Dave's sisters are the best and his brother's hair is greyer finally, at least he has found a good woman that can tolerate him and appreciates the "little things".  Dave's mother eats like she never left the Moose Lodge.  Yes Dave went to Toronto after staying at Warren and Joanne's newly renoed farm house in Embro.  Dave had coffee at Mc Donalds with Jerry and Len from the 1973 Championship, ORC Blades hockey team.  Jerry's wife was an Embro girl.  That's a story that will go untold on these pages.  Dave stayed at Auntie Sharon's house in Toronto where he made a nuisance of himself for 7 days but took Cargo for a walk every day

.  Cargo and I are the dog equivalent of pen pals.  I write this and Sharon reads it to him.  Dave says he is a lovely boy but I think he is a pain in the ass Ha Ha Ha.  Dave is happy to be home in Roquebrune Sur Argens and completed his last English teaching course module in the wee hours of Thursday morning as he battled jet lag and a Bordeaux hang over.  I am writing this early on Saturday morning on Dave's new Mac Book Air while Alanea is sleeping and dreaming about Paris.  If the photos don't transfer don't blame me Alanea has not shown me how to do that part on the Mac yet.  Merry Christmas to everyone and O where ever you are, I look at your star in the sky every night.