Monday, May 30, 2011

Early morning shadows

This is the rose garden place that Dave passes at 7:30AM 2 days per week on his way to Roquebrune to meet the cycling group. Sometimes Alanea and Dave take me in the car to the market and I see it too. The big rock in the background is where Roquebrune gets it's name. It is very nice here but I am feeling rough today. I was sick but now I am OK. Alanea is worried about me but I ate some food and now I will sleep on the couch.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Preparing for a vist from Dianne, Joanne, Bob and Warren from Canada

OH no Dave will be busy, Alanea bought this wine for the visit 40 litres of great Rose from near St Tropez

Home made Pizza

Some things should never change, some things like Sea Doos and ankle bracelets should be banned. One thing that has evolved from simple beginnings in London Ontario 30 years ago but has never received the notariety and level of detailed documentation that it deserves is the Friday night ritual of pizza making (and wine drinking). I have decided after years of procrastination to share Dave's recipes with the world through this blog. Herc was not there at the beginning but watched Dave and Alanea make pizza most Friday nights for 13 years. Now I watch and some times I get cheese. Today just a photo. Next time the full recipe. Cook Books are for chumps and non achievers. This blog is for real men, right Alanea?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

So Dave is taking French lessons from Francoise LEFRANC. Alanea, dave and I visited Francoise's exhibit of Peintures sur Porcelaine last week. Francoise is very talented but it will take more than talent to teach Dave French.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nan visits "le sud"

These are the cloisters in Frejus at the cathedral...Dave and I stayed outside at the market.

Here she is the photo master herself.

This was an old chapel in Roquebrune sur Argens which is now a chocolate museum.

A few weeks ago Alanea's friend Nan from Paris came to visit....when I saw that she arrived with not one but two cameras I thought it was going to be days of taking Tiff pictures....can you imagine that she wanted pictures of scenery instead?? Here is a sample of some of the pictures she took including one of the photographer herself in Gassin....that's the Golfe de St. Tropez in the background. You will see that I did manage to get into one picture.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Looking back and moving forward

I lost a good friend this week named Peter. He was nice to me and had a little dog like me named Cargo. I have never met Cargo but I think I will soon. Peter died suddenly at home without warning or cause other than a heart that was worn out. He was only 51 years old. He visited Alanea and Dave and me several times and the last time that I saw him I sat on his lap in Toronto. Dave and Alanea drank too much Rose a few nights ago and cried about Peter. I have posted a picture of me hiking on a trail and contemplating life, loss and the beauty that surrounds us. Slow down world. Cheers

Easter in France

George brought Easter beer from Denmark. George is one of my new friends. George is a talented man, anyone that can get Dave to mow grass is talented. He has a lovely wife, Birgit, (she is too good for him) and 2 nice daughters Maiken and Ebin. George is a fine chef and great host and makes salmon on the b'bque that is unbelieveable. Dave is very sensitive but takes Ebin's teasing in stride. A great family and a pleasure to know. Denmark is a small country with a big heart and taxes but it produces good beer. Each season beer is produced and labeled to match the season. These are Easter beers.

Outdoor gardening show and competition

Alanea and Dave took me to a nice garden show in La Bouverie which is 10km from here. Local garden centres bring flowers and we had to vote on the best booth. We never did find out who won but Alanea had fun. I wanted to pee on everything but Dave would not let me.

Salon des Saveurs Roquebrune S/A Apr 2011

French communities are proud and support of traditions and local artisans. Food is a priority. At the Salon des Saveurs in Roquebrune village quests are treated to samples of everything from truffle flavoured salt to fancy cookies. Here are a few pictures, note that Roquebrune is twinned with Peche in Quebec, Canada. The committee has organized a trip to Quebec in Sept.