Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Roquebrune Marche Nocture and Village pics

Dave and Alanea took me to the Market at night "Marche Nocture". It was really 6PM. Dave took a few Village pictures on Saturday. They are mixed to give everyone a sense of what a small French village is like and how it has not changed for many years (like Dave). Alanea is very good to me. We went for a walk on the beach at 7AM today. Dave was scandalized by what he saw. I cannot post a pic. Alanea laughed. I saw Maiken and Jens from Demark again today.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More evidence that there is a God, perhaps she lives in Switzerland

Our neighbours' son and his beautiful wife (my friend) brought Dave some Coors Light from Zurich. The 10 bottles were gone before you could say "contraband". Alanea gracefully declined Dave's offer of a mere sip of the Nectar of the Gods. The expiry date was not a problem. Today is July 20, 2011 the wind is blowing like crazy. Alanea calls it the Mistral but it keeps me awake at night. Dave said that it will stop tomorrow but George's daughter does not believe Dave so she is holding on to her bikini top. Her husband Jens is a Tour de France fan so Dave and he talk about that while I peed on the fence.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dave & Alanea's boat trip to St. Tropez without me!!!

Dave said it was too hot to take me, so Anne my friend came over to watch me and let me out for a nice pee. Here are a few pictures. There is a pic of Alanea on the Espadon (boat) to St. Tropez, an aweful looking scultpure, St Maxime from the boat, skinny models at a photo shoot on the street, inside a fancy shoe store that uncle James would like and Dave on the same boat. St. Tropez is hard to get to by car because of the traffic so Dave and Alanea took the boat from Les Issambre, they were very POSH (port out starboard home). They had a very nice lunch at a little restaurant (Petrus). John McEnroe was scheduled to play tennis at a specially constructed court across the street from the restaurant last evening. Dave concluded that he will never drive to St Tropez again as the boat is so easy and he can drink at lunch. Sorry about the lack of updates, please sign up as a follower and let me know how you like this blog. If enough people like it maybe it will be a hit and I can buy more biscuits.