Saturday, August 27, 2011

August in the South of France

Sorry for the lack of posts....July and August have been so hot I have been the King of the Siesta....on the cool tile floor and Alanea feeds me ice cubes shaped like stars to keep me cool.

That's what all these people on the beach under the umbrellas are doing...keeping cool and swimming in the sea. I don't like the sea it tastes salty. Alanea likes the pool but I don't like that's too wet.

The lovely grapes are right by our house and part of my 3 km walk....although last time I had to be carried part of the way it got so hot by 9 in the morning....and then there were more ice cubes. Before we knew it Dave was on his way home and our lovely neighbour George picked him up at Nice airport. Dave is very happy to be home in France and he thanks all his friends and family for allowing him to drink their beer and stay over night in Toronto and Woodstock. I would suggest that you consider buying some Coors stock before the next quarter results and sell a few days after.