Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter time

Uncle Brad came to visit me for 3 days days.  I sure miss Oscaroo but Uncle Brad and I had a serious "man to dog" talk and he told me that Oscar was happier now so that's OK I can move on.  We went to St. Tropez and had a hamburger.  Alanea and Brad shopped for nice bathroom towels that hang on a hook and Dave and I had gelato.

Brad said that Chesteroo is a monkey but I have not met him yet.  He stayed home with Uncle James and is learning many things when he is not trapped in his crate.  The sooner he learns to be good the sooner he will get out.  He sure looks like a fine boy.  I am very happy that Uncle James and Uncle Brad have a new little boy in their life.  Uncle Brad is nice to me.

My Auntie Tatiana made us a very nice Russian Easter cake.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mercredi maddness

Alanea went to Moscow on Sunday and returns tomorrow thank goodness for that because Dave is not as nice as Alanea.  Dave had his cardio stress test today and passed so he can take me for a nice walk.  Dave planted 3 trees at Auntie Tatiana's, Stephan and Uncle Alex's house today.  They were in St. Petersburg for 10 days and just returned.  Uncle Brad is coming on Friday, I want to ask him how he is feeling since my friend Oscar went to heaven.  I want to tell Uncle Brad to make sure that new little Chesteroo behaves himself and respects his elders (me).  This weekend is Easter weekend.  I think the neighbourhood looks busier.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Today, April 9th is Old Dave's Birthday

When The Beatles sang "Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I am 64" Dave was just starting to have sweet dreams, he still does, it drives Alanea crazy.  April 9th, today, Dave is 64.  Dave is still going strong despite numerous attempts on his life by fate and folly.  It is obviously God's will that he soldier on and someday, somewhere, somehow make a difference.  When Dave was injured and speaking to Dr. Galia about the difficulty that he was having coping with the long healing time, Dr Galia told Dave that he thought that he had survived "for a reason" and the best was yet to come.  Well Dave is now back "en forme".  He is so proud of Alanea for pulling off the nearly impossible task of relocating to a new country and getting paid by the Russians.  Mr. Putin should meet Alanea, the worst that could happen would be a short term Vodka shortage in Moscow.  Well it is 03:30 on April 9.  I am going to get into bed with Alanea and keep her warm while Old Dave finishes this posting for me.  I am feeling good after my dental work last week.  I have new food and cookies, I never work and the warm sun will be shining on me once again in a few hours.  I will post a picture of Old Dave later.  Maybe one of the girls at the fitness club will give him a kiss for his birthday.

Friday, April 4, 2014

2 Seniors

I got my new food yesterday.  The bag is very big but I will eat it all up.  Alanea ordered it and the nice man delivered it right to my door.  Alanea says I now get Senior food but I can still have cookies.  There is also a new toothbrush for the few teeth that I have left.  The other old bugger is Old Dave in his painting cloths pouring Rose from a box.  He will be 64 year old on April 9th and would like to remind everyone that 6 + 4 = 10.  This post is short because I am

going back to bed.