Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter time

Uncle Brad came to visit me for 3 days days.  I sure miss Oscaroo but Uncle Brad and I had a serious "man to dog" talk and he told me that Oscar was happier now so that's OK I can move on.  We went to St. Tropez and had a hamburger.  Alanea and Brad shopped for nice bathroom towels that hang on a hook and Dave and I had gelato.

Brad said that Chesteroo is a monkey but I have not met him yet.  He stayed home with Uncle James and is learning many things when he is not trapped in his crate.  The sooner he learns to be good the sooner he will get out.  He sure looks like a fine boy.  I am very happy that Uncle James and Uncle Brad have a new little boy in their life.  Uncle Brad is nice to me.

My Auntie Tatiana made us a very nice Russian Easter cake.

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