Tuesday, September 15, 2015

To Tiff's loyal followers.

This is Dave writing.

I am very sad to tell you that Tiff passed away on Friday September 11th 2015.  He lost a courageously fought battle with cancer that lasted a very short time.  While going through his belongings, of which there were many, mostly presents from Alanea and cookie wrappers I discovered that he had started this BLOG shortly after we moved to France.  Imagine my surprise when I checked the BLOG site and found that he actually had followers.

Upon further investigation I found notes and voice files on my phone that clearly indicated that he had no intention of giving up the BLOG and every indication that he wanted me to carry on in some fashion after his departure.

I will do my best to continue in a few days but I feel like Shakespeare's dopy brother.

Let me go through the notes and I will be back soon.

He was quite a guy and now this.  A BLOG of all things.


1 comment:

  1. thanks for knowing you, and had always been fun to read your blog....
    You were a special boy......