Sunday, September 20, 2015

How does one follow an act like that?

I have reviewed TIFF's Blog very quickly and I am impressed.  He seems to have captured the tone and tenor from our initial confusion to our eventual confusion I think.  He seemed to had enjoyed his life in France however I sense that he would have enjoyed his life wherever Alanea was.  He followed Alanea everywhere and when she went out he would sit by the door and wait.  That sounds so nice and so loyal but it lasted only until dinner time when he could be found sitting on his mat in the kitchen waiting for dinner.  He liked going to the beach most of all, so much so that we had to pick him up to take him to the car.  He loved his garden and he really enjoyed little road trips to wherever we went.  He liked Italy the most as he knew that he would get good food and likely Dave would carry him.  I have cut and pasted the 1st post that TIFF posted on his Blog.

 "I am in France. That's me Tiff. The pic is taken in the house Dave and Alanea sold to make my dream come true. I now eat croissants every Sunday (Dimanche to you Oscaroo).
It is quite an adventure, one I am sure you will enjoy reading.
Alanea is Paris, Dave is watching CNN. Sit back and enjoy, contribute, ask questions and don"t fall off of your bike."

TIFF never went viral but that's is probably a good thing since Alanea would not have allowed him to go on the Tonight Show.  He was a fine little boy but this Blog stuff has me baffled.  How did he do it?  Are there any children out there that can help me understand how a little dog can be so smart.

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