Friday, August 7, 2015

Summer time

Holy moly it is very hot here and I am not going outside very much.  Dave is getting out of bed at 06:00 and taking me for a walk before he goes off to the fitness club.  It is not too hot at 06:30 but by 10:00 it is 35 to 40 degrees and even Dave the ex paper boy from Ontario Canada says it is hot.  When an ex paper boy from the snow belt says it is hot it is hot.
Alanea said that I can get into the spa that they bought but I don't like it too much.  I am going to get a hair cut next week, maybe that will cool me down.  I have posted a photo of Dave in the spa.  He said that it is a good thing.
The vet said that I had an infection and my surgery is all healed up.  Nothing to worry about, poor Alanea worries too much.  I am very strong.
Dave went to the Tour de France finish in Paris on July 26th.  Here is a photo of Peter Sagan.
I added a photo of the sunset from my terrace.

Very strange weather, cold and rain in Paris hot here.  He was gone for 4 nights and Alanea thought that was Ok because she likes to have me all to herself.  She fusses to much but I get good food.
Dave dropped the pizza stone and broke it in half.  A new one came today.  He always says that stuff only happens to people that do things.  I guess that's why it happened to Dave.

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