Monday, April 30, 2012

Alanea's 33d Anniversay to old Dave

Who'da thunk it? 33 years married to Dave, Alanea is very strong to put up with Dave. When Dave takes me walking he is nice but when he gives me a big bath he is a pain. I don't like having a bath. Alanea is my very best friend but they played golf on their anniversary so I stayed home. We have made some very nice friends in France. Alanea has become the best gardener in the south of France and Dave is riding his bike strongly again at the back of the pack. The garden is my favorite place so I have posted a before and now photo, todays photo is nice because it is raining and Alanea is home with me. I did not take anniversary photos but I did post a pic of Dave with his bike and one of Alanea on a boat to St. Tropez. I will post more pics when the sun comes out because when it does everything including George's grass is going to grow like crazy.  Sorry I am having trouble with uploading pictures.  Stay tuned.

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  1. I remember getting a new suit for your wedding!