Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Georg's Danish beer

Every time George and Birgit come to Les Rives they bring Danish beer.  Alanea drank this one when she was on the wagon.  It is Easter beer from Denmark.  I like it because it has a funny chicken on the front that is saying Kylle-Kylle which I think is the Danish equivalent of quack-quack and possibly a clue to why Michael Blomquist in "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" was niknamed Kylle Blomquist but that requires more depth than Dave can muster apre Le Rose.  The weather is warming up and the pool is open.  Dave was cycling today because it is a holiday in France.  Alanea went to a Brocante (big garage sale) in the village today and bought nice things including goodies from the bakery which Dave ate.  I don't know about Dave, he burns 2500 calories in 3 hard hours of cycling in the Esterel and then eats 2 pasteries.  No wonder he looks like the chicken.

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