Thursday, May 31, 2012

Roses are Red

Hi everybody Dave did it he figured out the problem with adding photos.  Today is a great sunny day.  Dave and Alanea took me walking to The Ski Nautique which is beside Chateau Vaudois.  The roses are at the end of each row of vines.  I posted a similar photo last year.
Alanea and Dave are taking me on a road trip tomorrow.  We are going to Beaumes de Venise which is close to Avignon and Orange.  Dave is doing a big bike race and is looking forward to it very much as there will be lots of people and the race goes over Mount Ventoux.  He will get another jersey and eat lots of good food.  When the race is finished Dave and Alanea will relax.  I of course cannot relax because it is a big job to watch those 2.

Chateau Vaudois May 31, 2012

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