Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Camera to Nikon

Wouldn't you know it, the camera crapped out just over 2 years from the date of purchase.  It had a 1 year warantee.  The online return facility provided by Nikon is great but the Postal system like so many other little things give Dave a good laugh.  After packaging the camera in the original box and wrapping it in brown paper Dave went to the post office with all of the paper work.  The post office rejected the package and said that it should not be wrapped but sent just in the original box.  Dave took it out of the wrapping but the post office rejected the way Dave had taped the box closed.  Like so many other times the Mairie in Roquebrune S/A helped Dave by providing packing tape.  This time the post office could not have been more helpful.  So typically French, ya gotta love these people.  Not a free thinker in the bunch.  Give them a straight forward typical problem and they are absolute professionals, give them a challenge or something that requires thought or a deviation from the norm and they cannot deal with creativity.  Think I am wrong EH ask about the golf course fiasco this morning.

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