Monday, January 20, 2014

Finally the sun is shining

Lots of thing happening around here.  Alanea finally put her olives into jars, I helped her but she does not appreciate me helping.  Dave does nothing but eat olives and work on administrative s..t.  I am not allowed to say s..t out loud.  It has rained a lot since the new year however it is bright and sunny today.  Uncle Brad is full of surprises and he makes Dave and Alanea crazy sometimes but more on that later.  George and Birgit are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their 1st grandchildren (twin boys) and Alex & Tatiana are just as nice as ever.  Aunt Francoise and Uncle Heinz left and are now home in snowy Switzerland.  We may be going to Milan in February so there will be lots to report after that excursion, Dave wants new cycling shorts and Italy is the place to buy them for his skinny ass.  Dave and Alanea joined a new fitness club in the village.  Alanea is getting fit Dave is a slug, pain in the ass.  He cut back my breakfast because I am getting fat, 3 kgs.  My power to weight ratio is better than Dave's.

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