Sunday, November 4, 2012

Champignons a sign of autumn in the Var

Dave and Alanea took me for a big walk through
Domaine des Planes winery next to our house....
it's a 1.5km walk straight uphill...luckily it's downhill
coming home....we saw amazing are some pictures Alanea took....the French know which ones to pick but we just look...I think it's in their genes.
The lovely olive tree reminds us that we have NO olive crop this year so we will be picking all the olives of our neighbours who are not here....then we will have a big pot of olives in salt brine for about 6 weeks before they are ready to eat.
All this talk of agriculture is making me hungry...must
be time for a snack....they hide my biscuits for me so I can have the fun of the hunt.....I'm pretty good at finding them in record time.....but no champignons for me...unless I can learn to find Truffles and then I can pay for my own treats.

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