Friday, October 5, 2012

Dave working and me supervising

We are into our 3d year in France and I have a new little couch that Alanea calls the Tarte Tropezienne.  Dave bought a real tarte and brought it home, it tastes very good and has cream inside.  Dave has been working on Anne's garden with his Brouette (wheelbarrow) and is now finished.  I am a supervisor and I watch Dave go off to work from my special place in the window.  He moved 7 tons of stone and laid Gazon Synthetique, nice job.  The weather has changed but is now tolerable, the summer was very hot.  I went for a walk yesterday at the Ski Nautique where people water ski, I love it there because I run with no leash and sniff everything.  Alanea was in Greece last week when Dave was working on the garden.  She brought nice Feta cheeze and olive oil home.  I had some cheese.  I have 4 new friends, but they are baby cats.  They were born just outside my fence in a water drainage pipe so I am watching them and barking when they get tooo close.  I would like to play with them but they are afraid of me and I cannot stop barking and wagging my tail at the same time.  Cats, who needs them?

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