Wednesday, January 28, 2015

San Remo for me

Dave and Alanea took me to San Remo in Italy on Friday until Saturday.  It was very nice and we ate a lot of food.  San Remo is an easy drive Dave says.  The total round trip was only about 250 kms.  I like going because I get to walk everywhere and I went to the home of the Nobel prize guy, that's me and Dave at the house.  That was interesting.  We saw a big Russian church, there is a lot of Russian influence in San Remo.  There was a big bike race going on so Dave was quite interested but worried about the speed of the racers with dogs and kids running around.  I was on my leash eating gelato with Alanea. On the way home we stopped in Bordeghera just before entering France.  We ate lunch and bought some big jugs of wine.  Spring must be coming soon but it is cool outside.

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