Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mid January laziness

As January drags on my walking outside is later in the day when it gets warmer.  It is funny weather here because some days it is 15 degrees in the morning and other days it is minus 4.  The sun is getting warmer and it will soon be February.  Every year is different.  I like February because it means new life here is the south of France.  Things start to grow but not me, Alanea says I am fatter.  Alanea took a few photos today when we were out walking.  Dave is back to his normal dorky self whatever that means and Alanea is busy blogging stuff on Linkedin.  It is nice here but humid, I let my hair grow like Ringo when it is colder.  Dave and Alanea's fitness club is having it 1st anniversary today and Dave might go check out the cup cakes LOL, if Alanea goes I will go too.  Alanea went to the live simulcast of the Opera last night with a nice lady named Jehan.  Dave introduced them, she is a neighbour and a Chemical Engineer.  The Opera was called The Merry Widow but Dave said The Hairy Widow and Alanea gave him heck.  That Dave will never learn to shut the heck up.  If you want to know something let me know.  I wish Uncle George would come here.

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