Sunday, November 10, 2013

Alanea's big birthday trip

We went to St Margherita, Ligure in Italy for Alanea's birthday.  It was very nice but the sea was stormy.  I have been there before but this time we stayed in a hotel at the other end of the town so that we could walk to Portofino.  Portofino is very nice but I liked St Margherita better because Dave could take me to the wine bar.  I had bread and cheese.  Alanea really had a nice time.  She gets younger everyday unlike that Old Dave.  She has a new iPad with my picture on it, how did the people at Apple get my picture?  The iPad is cool but Dave is still fighting to keep the old FrankenDell alive with duct tape and other life support.  He has the screen propped up with pave stones because he removed the hinges after the screws pooped out.  OH boy
that Dave is a piece of work.  The computrainer (and Dave) in the garage (Lance in the background, LIVESTRONG).  Now he is studying an ESL course.  If he tries teaching me English I will send him to French class.

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