Saturday, October 12, 2013

Oscaroo my good friend's visit to France

Oscar is in France on a well deserved vacation.  He has been through a lot of difficulty with chemotherapy and other nasty stuff but he is so strong and he is such a fighter.  We went to St Maxime for lunch in a nice restaurant yesterday then we went to 3 vineyards and tasted wine.  This is a very busy time at vineyards so we did not stay long at any one.  Domaine des Plane and Chateau Palayson are Dave's favorites and he was driving.  After the drive we came back to my house and Dave made 2 pizzas.  Everyone sampled the wine that Alanea and Uncles' Brad and James bought.  Today we went walking on the beach at St Aygulf and Oscar swam in the Mediterranean Sea.  He was a salty dog for sure.  We then went to the market in Frejus, very busy but good food there, and had lunch in a nice little restaurant.  Oscar left my house with Brad and James and went back to the house that they rented with Andy, Wil and Lola in Grasse.  I have not met Lola but she sounds brave too like Oscar and me.  I might see Oscar again on Tuesday before he goes home to England.  I sure do like seeing that boy.  We met in Toronto, he moved to England and I moved to France, we are always are together in spirit though.


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