Sunday, November 24, 2013

Life goes on and I am happy

Alanea, Dave and I were outside looking at a brilliant new star shining brightly in the sky for my friend, see below the 2 photos.  It is dark earlier and the sun does not come up until 07:30.  The time change has thrown my breakfast and dinner schedule off and Alanea thinks that I have gone crazy.  Dave took a few photos while he was riding on Sunday, the vines a sleeping.  Dave is taking a TESL course from a language school in England.  He is always doing something, gardening is too hard on the old guy but he will work for Alex and the

Webbs.  I almost forgot I went to a Danish Christmas Fair in Mandelieu.  I thought about my friends George & Birgit in Denmark.  They are going to be grandparents of twins.  Maiken and Jens will be busy and Iben will be the best aunt in the world.  How cool is that?

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