Saturday, December 22, 2012

Big walk today

Today I went for a big walk up the hill to Domaine de Plane winery.  Dave always parks the car at the Grande Bastide (local producteurs grocery store) 2 km from our house and we walk 3km up the hill to the Domaine and back.  Alanea had the camera today and took our pictures.  Dave and me are beside the vine cuttings, Uncle Pierre from Paris knows what the cuttings are called but Dave forgot.  Alanea took a nice one of me resting in my new couch after the walk.  The sun was shining and it is warmer, 12 degrees.  Alanea likes to see the different signs designating the various cepages or varieties of grape.  It is quiet here this time of year but Francoise and Heinz just drove in from Switzerland.  Their house is beside ours but they only come a few weeks per year.  Lola has company too from Lyon, she lives across the street from me and she is a big boxer dog.  I will post her photo tomorrow.  I don't have a Christmas picture of Oscar yet but when I do it will be on the blogs too, he is probably swimming with Uncle Brad or James.  I can see snow on the mountain peaks but the mountains are a long distance from here.

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