Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Working and reading stuff

Sometimes Dave and I just sit on the couch and read.  Today we were looking at some information the Uncle Jeff sent from China about the Russian currency markets, what's left of it.  Uncle Alex is feeling the pinch because his business is in St Peterburg.  I will hear all about it tomorrow when Dave, Alanea and I go to their house for cocktails and cookies.  It is close to Christmas time and the weather is bleak but not cold, maybe 14 degrees during the day but very humid.  I am eating everything that I can get because it is cool.  In the summer I eat less but Dave says I am part Labrabor Retriever, the belly part.  Alanea is working hard.  I posted a photo of Uncles' Brad and James and Chester's new kitchen.  I might go there and get something to eat.  Dave is reading 50 Shades of Grey, he said that the only thing missing is the Border Collie, inside joke.

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