Friday, July 4, 2014

Italy trip for me hurray

Whoo, this time Alanea and Dave took me to Venise in Italy via Verona and Padua.  They really liked everything and Alanea took a lot of pictures.  She took so may that I am having a problem deciding what to post on my blog, ask if you want to see more.  In Verona, a 500 km drive, Dave found a nice wine bar call ZERO 07, I had some Prosecco sparking wine after Alanea did the taste test and determined that it was good enough for me to try.  In Padua Dave & Alanea left me in the hotel for a few hours and went to the Scrovegni Chapel to view the Giotto Frescos, they were very impressed, Dave the art guy.  Like the Last Supper in Milano you must book tickets ahead of time and you only get 20 minutes in the church to see the paintings by Giotto consider to be the first Great Italian master.  I prefer pasta but Alanea like art so I sit in the room.  In Venice Dave showed me the brightly coloured Gondolas but at 80 Euros per half hour and my aversion to water we decided not to ride one.  Oscar would have done it because he was used to boats in England.  Now Chester could do it too but not me unless Dave carried me.  D & A were very happy to get permission to take me to the Naval Museum at the Arsenale in Venise but after carrying me through the crowds for 5 days Dave was going to fire me out of a canon all the way back to Roquebrune Sur Argens, see photo.  On the way home we stopped again in Ventimiglia which is just over the border on the Italian side.  We like to stop there because it is a short drive home the next day, Dave & Alanea enjoy the ocean view restaurants and it is the last chance to buy Italian stuff like wine and finer pastas.  We had a great time and were away for 7 days which is our longest trip in the car ever.  I was tired but now I must go to the groomer.  If you want more info let me know!

A Bientôt

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