Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Midsummers Day's Dream

Just in case anyone was under the misconception that I have an easy life in France I am posting a few recent photos.  It is hot here and I only go walking very early in the morning, Dave takes me for a PIP (poop inducing promenade) before he and Alanea go to the fitness club.  Dave and Alanea take me to the beach for a walk once per week and I really like running there.  I pretend that Oscar is running with me and I really am looking forward to meeting Chester so that I can explain a few important things.  I don't like to come home because it is more fun on the beach and I always have a bath when I get home.  Dave and I installed a moustique screen on the back sliding door.  I cost 23 Euros and made Dave work.  After it was installed and hanging I was confused but I soon figured it out and I can now go in and out freely but les moustiques must stay outside.  They are small but vicious here and Dave is scratching like a fool. Today is Samedi (not bad eh) and the Tour de France finishes tomorrow in Paris.  The Time Trial is today, Dave loves the TT.  Next week no TdF and life resumes it's normal pace.  Every year same thing 3 weeks of young guys dressed in sexy spandex riding hot bikes.  What's the point, I would rather ride in a clean car.

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