Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Chilling out in Alanea's garden

I feel better now.  Alanea has been nurturing nature for 4 years and finally the faux Jasmine has "taken off".  I like to sit in this front garden in the morning because it is sunny and warm.  Dave renovated it last year and now it nicer.
 Alanea is busy talking on Skype and Dave is emailing Jeff in Hong Kong.  Jeff is coming here on Thursday to ride bikes with Dave for a few days.  They will go to Beaumes de Venise and ride Mont Ventoux in a 102 km race.  They are looking forward to the time together but Alanea is going to be so sad that Dave is not here with her LOLOLOLOLOL.  I will be here and we will have fun together.  Maybe Auntie Francoise, Anne, Judy, and Judy's friend Tina will come over and have a cup of tea (Rose vino) with Alanea, cough cough.  A Bientot.

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