Thursday, May 15, 2014

Alanea and dave took me to Nice

I was so happy to go to Nice and see the rejuvenated city, ride the new tram, eat in a good restaurant and sleep in a comfortable place.  I stayed in a little hotel and met a beautiful girl named Denise who works at the hotel (see photo).  She said that I looked like her little boy who is now with Oscaroo, Bart, Jody and Hercules.  I am not in a hurry to join them but it sounds like a nice place to me so Uncle Brad and James and Denise can stop being so sad.  Alanea had a nice time in Nice, she likes the city.  She said that Dave was a country bumpkin visiting the big city (Jed Clampett (Beverley Hillbillies) in Mephistos).  I on the other hand I looked very sophisticated even if Dave did have to carry me a few times.  We met 2 very nice people from California they took our photo in front of a new replica Statue of Liberty.  Dave spoke to them because Bruce was wearing a cycling shirt from the Amgen Tour of California, COOL.  His wife Jan rolled her eyes the same way Alanea does when Dave starts talking bikes.  Everywhere that I go I meet nice people, eat fancy stuff, get carried when I am tired but best of all I am with my big friends (Alanea anyway Dave's a dink).  I love car riding.

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