Thursday, March 27, 2014

New table, nice restaurant and flowers for Alanea

I considered my limited options today for about 2 seconds.  I could stay home all by myself and worry about the crazy world or I could pester Dave until he took me in the car to Plan de a Tour outdoor market and wine cooperative and then a nice restaurant in Vidauban and then home to help put the new patio table together.  I was in the car faster than you can say ALLEZ.  Alanea bought nice flowers (5 euros K) and Dave chose the restaurant in Vidauban (32 euros).  I did not get anything at the restaurant but my picture taken with old Dave.  The table works and Alanea is happy with her flowers (and 5 litres of rose in a box for 18 euros).  A nice day sunny for a drive in the French countryside.
April 9th is Dave's 64th birthday.  The old bugger can still cut the mustard, especially now that Alanea bought a whole new set of sharp Swiss Made knives today (how much K, you have to ask LOL).
Spring time in the VAR.

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