Sunday, February 9, 2014

Spring is coming

It is the 9th of February, Gramma Silcox's 90th birthday was on the 6th.  She is happy when people visit and after having 6 kids there is no shortage of possibilities.  I am doing good but in 10 minutes I am going to have a bath, which I hate.  Chester is doing good in Guildford, he has taken over the house and Brad and James are now his people forever.  I hear that Toronto and area has lots of snow this year but Auntie Dianne's photos will not save to Dave's computer.  I am going to post some nice Mimosa photos in a week or so when it really gets warm but for now the rain has stopped, the sun is shining and I am just happy to post a few of Alanea's garden with Dave and me.  Dave is standing beside Alanea's prize lemon tree with 2 lemons, behind him are the shutters he is painting when it does not rain and the last photo is the mountains in the distance with what passes for snow north of Nice.  Alanea and Dave joined a fitness club in the village.  It is shiny, new and keeps them busy for a few hours every morning.

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