Saturday, August 17, 2013

My 11th Birthday in France with Dave & Alanea

My Blog is acting weird, I cannot easily edit and make changes and my Birthday post is late.  August 12th was my 11th birthday and I was very cool about the whole thing.  August 12 is a special day, Dave says I showed up and JL checked out (not the same year though).  I liked JL and visited him in the hospital when he was sick.  He sure smiled when he saw me.  Alanea gave me cookies on my birthday and I was quite pleased with my long beach walk.   A very funny thing did happen a few days ago on Thursday.  Dave got up early to go out and Alanea stayed in bed because she was tired.  As usual Dave fed me at 06:30.  Alanea did not know that Dave fed me because Dave always cleans up everything.  Alanea asked me if I had eaten my breakfast and I did not say "yes".  When Dave came home Alanea asked Dave about it and Dave said "Of course I fed the boy as usual at 06:30".  I scammed Alanea for the very first time ever.
The pictures during the last year are: The restaurant that Alanea and Dave took me to on New Years eve, Me sharing Dave's birthday Tarte au Pomme at Pizza Napoli in St. Aygulf, me on my lounge chair on my terrasse and me taking Alanea for a walk on my birthday.  This sure is a nice place for me and now Uncle George and Birgit have come from Denmark to their house it should be even more fun, Iben their daughter is here too, I think that I can scam her for a cookie.

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