Friday, July 26, 2013

2 Highlights of the week

So the 100th Tour de France finished last Sunday with another victory for the UK as Chris Froome and The Sky Team showed the world once more that they are the champions.  If you watched any of the TDF you could not help but be impressed with the stunning scenery and aerial photos of Corsica and the rest of France.  I am going to Corsica with Dave and Alanea in October for Alanea's birthday.  The photo of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris was taken by Dave right off of the TV screen.  Note riders between 1 and 5 PM.

The other photo was the second highlight, a Jazz concert that Alanea and Dave went to see on Wednesday with Chas and Di their neighbours from the UK.  Alanea said that the concert was extraordinary and Dave agreed that it was a masterpiece by the sea.  Indeed the concert took place in a little park in Les Issambres, a village close to our house.  I could not go to the concert but Dave told me all about it.

There were 6 musicians called the Hot Antic Jazz Band.  There was a Banjo player, a piano player, trumpet, tuba, clarinet and saxophone.  They were incredible and played a  lot of old classics including "3 little words, St. Louis Blues and Horse Feathers.  When Dave was 17 he worked with a guy named Johnny who played Jazz music and sang words to St. Louis Blues that were not suitable in mixed company so Dave had fond memories sort of.

Imagine a fabulou

s jazz concert in a beautiful private park setting, under a full moon, surrounded by Parasol Pin and Palm trees 100 metres from the Mediterranean.  If I had been there it would have been the best concert in the world.     

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