Monday, September 3, 2012

Glacon Garcon

Alanea calls me the Glacon Garcon because I love eating ice cubes and glacon is French for ice cube and a garcon is what I am, a boy, clever eh.  I don't care I will take the attention and it is so hot here I want 6 glacons every day.  Dave says eating ice cubes is weird especially after they have been soaked in Rose.  I pee more but that't OK.  I have new food too and I get Dave up every morning at 06:00 to eat it.  Alanea ordered it from a special place and it shows up at the door 4 days later like magic food.  It is September 3d and finally after relentless, sunny, hot 34 - 38 degree weather it is raining gently.  Dave said that the grapes will like it but it might be too late for some crops.  Dave got a new Garmin GPS for his bike but cannot go out in the rain.  I went for a nice walk yesterday.  The ocean was crashing into the rocks and Alanea was smiling at me.  She is lucky to have me around to watch her and make sure she is safe from Dave, he plays tricks on her.

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