Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2012 Foire aux Vins

Dave and Alanea went to Carrefour today.  Usually a trip to Carrefour is preceded by a lot of moaning and groaning because neither of them enjoy the crowded, recession resistent grocery monolith that is Carrefour.  Carrefour is the what Loblaws in Canada wishes it could be, a destination, busy all of the time.  HOWEVER, once per year Alanea wakes up smiling, jumps out of bed and is out of the door before Dave can say corkscrew.  Yes the Foire aux Vins is the biggest wine sale of the year and it takes place in several locations.  Alanea is thrilled with her haul, why wouldn't she be thrilled, great Champagne, wine that you rarely see and all for a fraction of the price we paid in Canada.  Pizza and wine, a winning combination nes pas.

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