Sunday, June 17, 2012

Family and Friends

Here's me looking uber cool....what do you think of my sunglasses....actually borrowed from Alanea....I think they look pretty good on me.  It's getting very hot here....a straw hat might be next....I would look good in that too....but I draw the line at a bathing suit...I go "au naturel" on the beach.
Here are also some other family pics....Aggie and Kenzie...who is Artie's little you can see Artie is a Yorkie and almost as cute as me....the girls are cute too! And finally a picture of my dear friend Oscaroo from his boating trip....he is quite a sailor and takes his parents Brad and James with him for company.  I am looking forward to seeing them all in November when we visit.  Must go relax on the lounger now after all this typing.
PS Oscar is on a boat.  The picture must have been taken when a big wave hit or Dave does not know how to alter a pic taken with an iPhone.

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