Monday, October 24, 2011

Victoria College alumni summit in the Var, Rose tasting in disguise

Sorry about the photos, still working on why Julie's great photos only half loanload to my computer. These are the best that I can do for now.

Tom & Julie made it to Chez Tiffer and settled in very quickly. Alanea says that she is writing this post since I'm too young to remember those good old days.

With good friends you can just start talking as if no time had gone by....that's exactly what happened lots of talking in between rose tasting. Tom and Dave could hardly get a word in so they resorted to driving "the girls" up steep roads to scare them.....didn't really work but it gave us something else to talk about.

We had a wonderful, too short visit. We hope they will come back next year for longer. There are so many more places to explore together.

PICs to follow, problem with compatibility of Julies camera and my software

That's me!!!!

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