Thursday, June 9, 2011

Marcel vs Dave

So when Dave went out for his morning run little did he expect to see Marcel. Dave was running hard up the hill toward Domaine de Plane, a vineyard close to home, when much to his surprise Marcel was standing there looking at Dave. Dave nearly crapped his pants because Pierre, Dave's running friend from Paris, had told Dave stories about Sangliers and other wild beasts in the forest. Dave thought that Marcel was a wild and hungry or horny beast and went to the office at Domaine de Plane to report the danger. After much gesturing and terrible Francais the owners started laughing. They said that is Marcel the pet goat (with massive horns). He is tethered to a tree so that he can eat grass and not run off into the wilderness to have wild, noisy goat sex with unsuspecting female goats (or runners). Needless to say Dave was relieved to hear that Marcel was not wild and even happier that Marcel was tethered. Dave had just shaved his legs for cycling and did not want to be mistaken by a near sighted, long horned, randy billy goat for hot female goat playing "hard to get". The vineyard owners drove Dave down the hill and all was well. The story of Marcel.

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